Book #1:
O Little Town of Bluestone Ridge
Will Perry have the courage to reveal his true identity to Lark?
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Book #2:
To Catch a Bachelor
Despite Jill’s determination to marry an Italian bachelor, will she admit that Shawn is God’s perfect man for her?
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Book #3: A Tale of Two Bakers
Can Van and Iris let go of the past and work together for a sweet future?

Book #4: Taming the Wild Bronco
Can Liliana trust Thor or is he still sowing wild oats?

Book #5: The e-Mail Order Bride
Will Celeste find the perfect bride for Jeremy or will he convince her that she’s the one?

Book #6: Someone Old, Someone New
Can bachelor Hugh give up his freedom for Grace’s needy family?

Book #7: Poor Little Rich Bride
Will Zach’s love for Rachel overcome the secret in her background?

Bluestone Ridge book is a full-length, contemporary Christian romance novel. You’ll be intrigued by each character’s desire to find their one true love, and how they depend on God’s help to accomplish it!