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When Perry Westbrook meets single mother Lark Wilson again after ten years, he is thankful she doesn’t recognize him. He has grown up and changed from the gangly nerd he was in high school when he teased Lark unmercifully. She hated him. If only she never discovers his real identity.

As the weeks go by, Lark confides in Perry, and they fall in love. She never connects him to the kid she hated in high school, and Perry neglects to tell her who he really is.

Will she reject him when she finds out? Or will faith, love, and forgiveness overcome to win in the end?

“Throughout this entire storyline in the quaint little town of Bluestone Ridge, follow Perry and Lark as they rediscover the meaning of love and forgiveness.” ~Anna Nation, Reviewer

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In O Little Town of Bluestone Ridge, Lark takes care of goats. Twice a year the goats are sheared, their fiber is washed, and Mimsy spins the fiber into yarn.

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